Upcoming Performances

June 29


A performance of Fugue in 13 Stages at Dreamland, Louisville, Ky. David Bernabo and Chris Kincaid will also be performing at this event. More details tba.


Recent Performances

April 22                       

April 7                                            

March 6                           

February 20                                      

January 27 and 29                              


A new work, Fugue in 13 Stages, was premiered in a 2-hour performance at the Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Ky

One Hundred Solutions to the Same Problem, for solo piano, was premiered at the Bellarmine University New Music Concert, Louisville, Ky

Canon in 9 Sections was performed at Sisters of Loretto Motherhouse, Nerinx, Ky

Canon in 9 Sections was performed at Our Lady of the Woods Chapel, Bellarmine University, Louisville, Ky                                                     

Orchestra Enigmatic premiered The Novelty of Weightlessness, 21C Museum Hotel, Louisville, Ky


December 18           

December 6                                        

October 29-30                                    

June 24 & July 29   


Canon in 9 Sections, a 45-minute work for chamber ensemble, premiered at the Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Ky

Only the Table Between Them for solo piano premiered at the Bellarmine University New Music Concert, Amy Cralle Theater, Louisville, Ky                  

Women's Work (choreography by Angella Foster) presented by Alight Dance Theater at Dance Place, Washington, DC                                                    

Ten Simple Pieces for Piano, premiered at Dreamland, Louisville, Ky. Performances by Rob Collier, Michael Hill, Amber Estes Thieneman, and Nick Wooldridge. 


Dance No. 3 (composed 2005) presented with choreography by Angella Foster, Dance Place, Washington, DC


Walk Without Breathing, a 60-minute work for guitar and electronics, performed at Block Party, Louisville, Ky


Premiered six new works for chamber ensemble (Fall of a Sparrow, Night Song, A Blinding Light, The River Is Still There, Under a Thick Glass, and Part of a City Swept Past) at Bellarmine University, Louisville, Ky